12/9/2018  Peter Jason Gould

It’s here…Localzz! Localzz is a next generation media company for local categories, life categories, lifestyle categories, and life stage categories.

Localzz owns and operates a digital portfolio of brands and digital properties. A digital branded network of over 1000+ sites providing local information, local directories, local listings, digital content branded sites, and specialty interest sites.

A next generation digital media start-up… Localzz and Localzz Media!

Next Gen Local Information (NextGenLocalInformation.com) and Next Gen Local Advertising (NextGenLocalAdvertising.com). Local Information Brands (LocalInformationBrands.com) On a journey like no other...building possibly the largest digital branded network for local information. Localzz Media starts as a digital branded network of digital brands.


LocalAdvertised.com, LocalBranded.com, LocalBrowsed.com, LocalBundled.com, LocalCouponed.com, LocalDiscounted.com, LocalDiscovered.com, LocalEmployed.com, LocalExplored.com, LocalFeatured.com, LocalFollowed.com, LocalMarketed.com, LocalNetworked.com, LocalOrganized.com, LocalPartnered.com, LocalSpecialized.com


LocalAdvertisingNetwork.com Local Information Ecosystem (LocalInformationEcosystem.com)

Localzz = WeAreLocalInformation.com WeAreLocalAdvertising.com

Localzz and Localzz Media have been thinking how to design, brand, structure, and build the next generation media company. It has been years in the making. The internet is about .com's and digital brands. After years of researching and acquiring digital properties Localzz has a massive digital portfolio for an owned and operated digital network. In other words, a massive digital ecosystem for a national to local, local to national, and local to local network.

The main branded design and navigation is branded like this:

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