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The Future of Digital Local Information- Localzz?
9/19/2018 Peter Gould Founder and CEO of Localzz
Localzz has put together possibly the largest digital branded portfolio for local information. Local businesses and organizations need to advertise, market, and promote themselves digitally.
A next-generation digital media company...Localzz Media
2/21/2018 Peter Jason Gould
Localzz is connecting local consumers, communities, and businesses to local information. Localzz is a branded digital network providing local information and more. Localzz and Localzz Media is a next-generation digital media company.
Localzz - The Local Information Network
10/20/2017 Peter Jason Gould
Why not a local information network for most local information? There are social networks and professional networks. Why not a network of owned and operated network of digital properties all owned and operated by one company... Localzz.
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